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Regal Assets Review [Updated for 2022]

What To Know Before Investing With Regal Assets

5.0 Rating

Minimum Purchase Required: $50,000

Annual Fee: $180

Storage Fees: Varies

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Gold and other precious metal IRAs are an investment and carry risk. Consumers should be alert to claims that customers can make a lot of money in these or any investment with little risk. As with any investment, you can lose money and past performance is not a guarantee of future performance results. Consumers should also obtain a clear understanding of the fees associated with any investment before agreeing to invest.

Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. It is very important to do your own analysis before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances and consult with your own investment, financial, tax and legal advisers.

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Are you looking for a new way to retire? A new way to invest in your future while still securing a present? Look no further than Regal Assets, a forward thinking company that has introduced the world’s first Alternative Asset IRA. Dubbed the ‘Regal IRA’, this investment vehicle is one of the first to combine both precious metals and cryptocurrencies! 

Normally investors wouldn’t associate those two commodities with each other; gold and other precious metals are normally known for their stability over a long period of time and cryptocurrencies couldn’t be more different. That’s where Regal Assets come in, their team of experts will look over your wants and needs as a client and find the perfect allocation for you.

Regal Assets sells in demand precious metals like gold, silver and platinum to give their customers options. They also have popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and even Ripple. Their website is accessible as well, anyone looking for more information can get a free information kit right away!

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Why Investors Should Work With Regal Assets 

Introducing an entirely new way to invest, Regal Assets excels at finding the right combination for their customers. Between several different precious metals and cryptocurrencies, any retail investor is bound to have a tough time knowing what's best for them. Regal Assets has extensive explanations as to what each product is to combat this issue. Buyers looking for more long term-stability may be interested in precious metals whereas investors looking for serious potential gains will want more crypto. Luckily, Regal has both: 

  • Gold: Gold is one of the oldest, most storied commodities of all time. At one point it was the main currency everyone used and now it is used to back up currencies. This precious yellow metal is a staple of finance and it can be found in most major investors' portfolios, highlighting its worth and stability. Leo Almazora, writer for popular finance site Wealth Professional, relays the fact that gold is an exceptional hedge against inflation. In times of great market volatility, gold has been shown to perform independently from the market. Gold is monolithic in its movement, investors could have benefited greatly from more gold exposure during the last recent market crash. The 79th element on the periodic table also has real world use, adding to its value. Gold can be found in modern dentistry, electronics and of course jewelry. Tangibility will always be a reason buyers flock to gold, while you can’t hold a share of a company in your hand you can certainly hold a golden bar. There are many different ways to invest in gold and Regal Assets sells some of the best:
    • Gold Chinese Panda: One of my personal favorites, the Gold Chinese Panda coin is one of the most popular around. First introduced by the People’s Bank of China in 1982, there have been over 20 versions of the coin. Many investors are said to buy it for its ornate design as well, the intricate carvings on either side of the coin certainly add value. Gold from China is said to be some of the best in the world and Regal Assets want their customers to be able to add that value into their portfolios!
    • 1 Kilo Gold Bar: Another favorite of mine for a different reason, the 1 Kilo Gold Bar is one of the largest investment options Regal Assets has on their website. This bar is a great choice for high-end investors who want to spend big on gold and want to take advantage of the low premium. Gold is not only a storied currency but one that is recognized the world over, buyers will have no problem tracking down gold to purchase and won’t run into too many obstacles when they’re ready to sell. As gold is a physical asset, investors have the option to hold it at their own private residence as well!
  • Silver: The second most common precious metal, Silver comes in an array of options for investors who want a precious metal a little more affordable than gold. While the price is lower, the two metals share many similarities in that silver can also be held at a buyer’s private residence. You can save on the annual storage fee this way and maintain a level of privacy and independence that doesn’t exist with traditional computer-based investments. Cameron Williams writes about the benefits of silver, citing its use as both a precious and industrial metal.  Regal Assets gives their prospective customers a selection when it comes to silver:
    • Silver American Eagle: The Silver American Eagle is one of the best looking coins on the website, featuring a majestic Walking Liberty on the front it can be easy to see why this coin is a favorite of many. Regal Assets even offers a deal to their investors, those who buy 20 or more coins in a single order will get a free storage container as well! Silver American Eagles are 99.9% pure and made by the U.S. mint, guaranteeing their authenticity. Adding this IRA approved coin into your portfolio will assuredly garner long term profits and short term security. 
    • 100 Oz Silver Bar: The 100 Oz Silver Bar is one of the largest pieces of metal an investor can purchase from Regal Assets. They are minted both in the United States and all over the world, giving this investment high liquidity. This is another option for a high end investor who wants to buy a large quantity of silver without having to buy several hundred or even thousands of coins.  
  • Palladium: The final precious metal covered today, Palladium is another precious metal that can be used to hedge against inflation and add some stability into a retirement account. It isn’t too common, and while Regal Assets doesn’t have the same variety for palladium as they do gold, they do have options for purchasers who want something pricier, rare, and shiny:
    • Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf: Coming from Canada, the Palladium Canadian Maple Leaf is a stunning coin that is the only one of its kind on the market. According to the BBC, palladium is a precious metal whose price will continue to rise. They cite the fact that it is key in the use of catalytic converters, an essential piece of car manufacturing. Real world usage is one of the many factors that maintain precious metals’ value in the investment world. 
  • Bitcoin: One of the first cryptocurrencies to ever exist, Bitcoin has taken the world by storm. From retail investors to people looking to get rich quick, it feels like everyone around the world has at one point dipped their toes into the excitement that is Bitcoin. Regal assets offer three different ‘kinds’ of Bitcoin; Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV. Bitcoin is the most popular of the three as the other two are derivatives of the original. If you still aren’t familiar, it is a decentralized currency that gives its users independence and privacy from traditional investment markets. Like a real life commodity, there will only ever be 21 million bitcoin in circulation. Robert Sharratt writes extensively on the benefits of Bitcoin. He claims that Bitcoin is superior to other currencies because it has a lower cost to trade, there is a finite supply and it is more convenient as you don’t have to deal with a middleman. Much like gold, cryptocurrencies are known to operate outside of market norms. This means that when the S&P index falls, crypto may still be high. 
  • Ethereum: The silver to Bitcoin’s gold, Ethereum is also quickly becoming a mainstay in the world’s financial ongoings. Ethereum is a blockchain-based platform that allows its users to remain decentralized. It’s so advanced there's even cryptocurrencies based off of it! Regal Assets maintains that having a portion of your IRA filled with cryptocurrencies is a great way to hedge against inflation and create great levels of exposure to potential profits! Looking at data from’s Ethereum charts, we can see that if you bought Ethereum on August 8th, 2017 you would have spent a max of around $308. Now, that same coin is worth $1,900! What if I told you that wasn’t even near the peak of Ethereum, that in November of 2021 it was worth almost $5,000 a coin? You’d see the incredible potential of the coin, and probably wish you bought some a long time ago!
  • Dogecoin: Dogecoin might be the most explosive cryptocurrency sold by Regal Assets. It has seen growth that can only be described as exponential, and has seen the exact same movement in the opposite direction. To say Dogecoin is volatile is assuredly an understatement. Regal Assets knows this and operates with this in mind. They understand Dogecoin to be a commodity with strengths derived from its extensive online community. With a market cap topping $50 billion, it’s obvious why the world’s eyes are finally on Doge. Hope Mutie writes about Dogecoin’s endless supply, stating “In addition, 10,000 new dogecoins are released as block rewards every minute. That’s about 14.4 million dogecoins entering into circulation every day, or roughly 5.2 billion per year.” This absurdly high amount of coins in circulation should give prospective investors hope, unlike Bitcoin and its finite amount Dogecoin and its potential are limitless.  

What To Look Out For Before Investing With Regal Assets

While most buyers tend to focus on the potential benefits of the investing world, they should be mindful of the downsides. First, not every investment is guaranteed to be profitable. Especially with cryptocurrency, investors should never buy assets they can’t afford to lose.

There is never a guarantee in the market and most financial institutions would argue the best investors make room for losses. Regal Assets does not advertise their fee scheduling on their website. After some digging and calling I was able to find the information, but it certainly wasn’t accessible.

Regal Assets precious metals IRAs have a yearly $100 administration fee and a $150 fee for precious metals storage. To transact on a crypto IRA, Regal Assets charges 1% with an annual storage fee also coming in at 1%. Prospective financiers will also be asked to spend at least $5,000 as a minimum for crypto, the same for precious metals.

For the Precious Metals IRA, buyers will have to spend $100 on an annual administrative fee and another $150 for an annual fee storing those precious metals. This fee doesn’t come into play for investors looking to hold their assets at home, however. Despite the drawbacks, Regal Assets is a solid choice for any investor hoping for a unique diversity within their retirement portfolios.

  • In Conclusion - Regal Assets Review Final Verdict

    In reviewing Regal Assets, I’ve found them to be a great place for investors looking to buy both precious metals and cryptocurrency for an applicable IRA. Not only do they have the two major investing vehicles but they also have recommendations for their prospective customers looking to see what options they have. 

    They have gold, silver, platinum and palladium for their customers. Each of these precious metals comes in a variety of different forms as well, perfect for customizing the order you want. Experts in finance recommend investing in precious metals for a variety of reasons, some look at metals’ extensive history as a commodity while others look to hedge their current positions against market volatility.

    Cryptocurrency is new to the scene and Regal Assets is built to help you both understand the potential and buy into it! They have Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and many more cryptos available on their website. While the group does maintain that investing in crypto can be risky, the exposure to the upside is more than worth it. By having Bitcoin or XRP in your portfolio, you may realize the same gains that got so many people into the crypto space in the first place.

    Whether you’re a veteran investor or a new customer looking to finally begin, Regal Assets is firm for you. They sell a variety of products geared to encourage financial freedom and transparency. Go to their site and get your free investing kit today!